Upper Medway Valley

The official Medway Valley Walk starts at Rochester and ends at Tonbridge. The first part to Aylesford is quite boring with stretches of the Walk far away from the river; then it perks up from Aylesford to Tonbridge with the advantage over the Thames Path that it is not on a towpath. Worth doing if you like rivers. After Tonbridge there is no official path but I thought I’d like to follow the Medway to its source, as far as possible. So here’s my attempt to do that along paths marked on the OS Landranger maps 188 and 187.

I have used print-outs of OS maps from footpathmaps.com for my maps as I want to mark the paths I took to stay as close as possible to the river. So I’m claiming this effort as a genuine ‘trail-less-trodden’. I’ve broken the trail up into five easy day walks which can be done from railway station to railway station. This description will be more of a guide than usual as I’m not following a marked trail for some of the way. I did the five stages in November and December 2019, choosing the few fine days in that wet autumn and early winter.

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Overview of the Upper Medway Valley – the course of the river is highlighted in blue