Isles of Scilly

OK, so maybe I’m stretching the point of ‘trails less trodden’ by including the Isles of Scilly: they are after all pretty well-trodden by walkers, older ones in particular, since we find the gentle ups and downs more to our liking than the steep inclines of, say, the Lake District or the South-West Coast Path. However, I have my reasons – or is that excuses?

Firstly, I know Scilly very well (this was my 7th visit) so I know all the best spots. Secondly, most visitors do one of two things: they either head straight for the Abbey Gardens on Tresco or they follow a well-trodden coast path round one of the islands; either way, they miss out on some trails less trodden and some spots less visited, which I shall be describing. Thirdly, I like the Isles of Scilly so much that I just want to include them anyway. It’s as if the gods have sprinkled these rocks and islands onto the Atlantic Ocean for our delight. That’s why they have been dubbed ‘The Fortunate Isles’. This visit was over 9 days in March 2016. Here’s a map to show you the lay-out of the islands. The browner bits represent heathland; the green bits are farmland, grassland or scrub.

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General map from the Isles of Scilly Guide 2016 (

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