Stumped for somewhere to go for a short winter trip, I hit upon the idea of treading trails that my parents used to tread when they were ‘walking out’ (Lancashire for ‘courting’). The names that came to mind as destinations were Roughlee, Barley, Wycoller, Trawden and Pendle Hill. So I set myself up for six nights in Barley to do three walks that I reckon they may have done around the town they grew up in, Nelson. This was in late November 2019, when it was pretty cold with frost on the ground.

Pendle District lies to the east of Pendle Hill, stretching from Barnoldswick in the north to Brierfield in the south and over to the Yorkshire border just beyond Laneshaw Bridge. If you want to explore the whole area, there’s the 45-mile Pendle Way which more or less goes round the perimeter of the district. Two of my trails will be along parts of the Pendle Way. There are regular buses from Nelson Station to Barley and to Laneshaw Bridge.

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