Valle d’Aosta

I want to get my trips to the mountains done while I am still capable of struggling up and down the steep slopes involved. My new plan is to do one ‘vertical’ trail up and down a mountainside followed by a ‘horizontal’ trail up and down a valley. This more or less worked for my 16-day trip in June 2017 to four valleys near the Valle d’Aosta in NW Italy. This broad valley starts from the east side of Mont Blanc and runs eastwards past the main town, Aosta, before turning south at Chatillon to issue onto the northern Italian plain at Ivrea, north of Turin. Lots of valleys run into it from north and south with several 4,000m mountains at their ends, including Monte Cervino (the Matterhorn), Monte Rosa and Gran Paradiso. The last two are surrounded by Parks which restrict access for cars and harbour lots of wild animals, which makes them more attractive to me. In order of my visits, the valleys are: Valtournenche, Valnontey, Valsavarenche and Valsesia. Here’s a map showing their locations and the locations of my trails:

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