Monviso @ 3841m is the highest mountain in the Western Alps, south of Gran Paradiso – I saw it sticking up above the clouds on the plane coming into Turin. It used to be thought the highest mountain in the Alps in the days before trigonometry because it stands so high above the mountains around it (Photo 5424). Like Nivolet, it’s near the French border which runs along a ridge 2k to the north-west of its summit. Leading up to it is the Valle Po, whose river has its source 4k to the north of Monviso. My idea was to do an anti-clockwise circuit from Crissolo, the last village in the valley, via three rifugi. From Rifugio Pian del Re, there appeared to be possible trails to Rifugio Giacoletti and to Lake Superiore – and the distances involved didn’t seem too great for my weary legs

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