The Slovenian Alps

I got the idea to visit the Slovenian Alps from meeting a couple in a rifugio high in Valmalenco, Italy last year. They said it is a must-visit for an Alpine hiker: beautiful, flowery, good well-marked trails and easy access from Ljubljana. So I booked it up for June 2019 with the help of the best guide-book, Roy Clark and Justi Carey, ‘Walking the Julian Alps of Slovenia’, Cicerone, 2017. It provides 58 routes of varying difficulty, eight of which are represented here, plus four others of my own devising (Clark & Carey will be referred to from now on as ‘C&C’). The Kartografija Julian Alps Hiking Map, 1: 50,000, 2017, is perfectly adequate for low and medium height hiking such as described here – more detailed maps are available but unnecessary in my opinion. It’s also advertised as waterproof and tear-resistant, which is true. For my three-week stay the weather was sunny and hot, except for one day. The Slovenian Alps seemed to be dry even when the weather maps on TV said ‘rain’.

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