Iceland Two

At home, I put postcards of my travels on various surfaces around my flat – the doors, the tiles in the kitchen and bathroom, and on the sides of cupboards. Never in the twenty years since I started doing this have I put up such an assortment of extraordinary, outrageous and beautiful cards as when I returned from my second trip to Iceland.

I hope you’ve already read ‘Iceland 1’ in this series. ‘Iceland 2’ is an improved version of what is to be enjoyed in the “land of fire and ice” – and this time it has my own photos, instead of relying on postcards. I stayed for three weeks, aiming to visit the places I didn’t have time for in Iceland 1 and to revisit two of my favourite places, Skaftafell and Vik-i-Myrdal.

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Photo 3108: tourist map of Iceland with the location of my spots circled and numbered – sorry the place names are hard to read, nothing I can do about it (

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