Lofoten and Vesteralen

OK, get ready for hyperbole: we’re going for the third time to my favourite place from amongst the bits of the world that I’ve seen so far. Lofoten is the bit of Norway that sticks out into the Norwegian Sea above the Arctic Circle like an extended arm and Vesteralen is the shoulder on top of it. Both consist of close-together islands that are joined by bridges and tunnels on which the Norwegians spare no expense.

And because Lofoten – and Vesteralen to a lesser extent – has mountains coming down to the sea, there are lots of tunnels just so that roads can pass between towns and even villages. That’s what an abundance of fossil fuels can do for you. I was so enchanted by my two previous visits (see Trip 6, ‘Norway’, on this website) that I wanted to do some more trails in parts of the archipelago where I had not already trodden.

Here’s the map:

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