Anglesey Coastal Path

This is 210k around the island perched on the north-west corner of Wales. Most of it is on the coast but significant stretches, particularly in the south of the isle, are inland. The official guide, “Walking the Isle of Anglesey Coastal Path” by Carl Rogers, 2018 (referred to as ‘Rogers’ from now on), divides the path into 12 sections of between 10k and 23k. The long sections were too far for me so my sections will be shorter. I recommend this guide as an adjunct to your trip for some devastating photos, for good advice concerning buses and for good snippets of O.S. maps. However, there are quite a few mistakes and Rogers is often poor on distances, even when his own maps indicate otherwise. You might also want to invest in the O.S. Landranger map 114 of the whole of Anglesey for general orientation and for getting about by bus as b&bs are not always where you would like them. My trip was in late April and early May 2019. May is a great time to visit as the weather is warming up, the spring flowers are out (but the bracken is not) and the tourists are not everywhere.

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